Arctic Capacity


Meet Us

Our team has more than 20 years of experience facilitating comprehensive logistics challenges and creating accessibility with new infrastructure in the unique northern landscape. 


Henrik Lassen is the owner of Arctic Capacity, and he has worked for more than 30 years in the Arctic. Together with his team, Henrik manages all the company’s expeditions. The past 17 years, he has been expedition leader and responsible for logistics for both larger and smaller projects in the Arctic, Greenland, and Canada. 


Henrik has experience working with all kinds of packaging in logistics services in the coldest and most impassable areas. He knows that small mistakes in the arctic areas can lead to big problems. As an experienced project manager, he prioritizes a thorough preparation that can
secure an effective execution – and a successful expedition. 


Henrik has an arctic background in the Sirius Patrol. Sirius patrols the northern part of Greenland with dogsleds to supervise and mark the territorial right. Henrik has also studied Cand. Scient and Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. 


Henrik has been a project manager on more than 50 different logistics- and research projects in the Arctic and Greenland. Read more about them here. 

Vi har omfattende erfaring med at gennemføre ekspeditioner for internationale forskningsinstitutioner. Disse ekspeditioner foregår ofte i de mest øde og utilgængelige egne af Arktis.


We have been working for most of the international institutions within research, technology and science, all present at the Arctic.

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